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  • Jonathan Widran


Having made an impact as a jazz interpreter and clever, thoughtful original songwriter and performer in New York, New Orleans and in her current digs of London, the multi-faceted Denise Mangiardi celebrates 25 years of recording on her latest album Brown Book.

It's a stylistically eclectic set that finds her swinging mightily with her tightly grooving jazz ensemble and intimately sharing the precious, ethereal side of her voice backed by the lush strings of the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra.

Most singers with a jazz leaning voice as exquisite and rangy as hers employ their talents in the service of standards, so it’s incredible to realize that she draws us into her colorful mood swinging world with compelling original narratives and arrangements (including the perfectly titled, Latin fired “Horn Song” and two instrumental “Soundscape” pieces) she created herself.

Helping Mangiardi realize her most extraordinary musical vision via dynamic harmony lines and inventive solos is an ensemble of veterans including pianist-keyboardist Mark Soskin, guitarist Brian Seeger and saxophonists Tony Dagradi, Dave O’Higgins and Jerry Bergonzi.

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