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  • Jonathan Widran


In addition to being a noted recording artist, Joan Watson-Jones, a veteran of the New England Jazz scene, is host and producer of The Jazz Room, an online radio show where she plays music and interviews top names.

The magic of her guests and a wealth of jazz influences continues to rub off on the versatile, deeply soulful, emotional and sublimely swinging singer, who on her latest album Choices continues to reveal the depths of her artistry as an insightful songwriter and musical storyteller.

She bookends the set with a booming, wildly percussive twist on “Topsy 2” featuring her own lyrics celebrating her passion for dance, and a vibrant stroll through the always welcome and uplifting “Here’s to Life.”

The core of the collection though is a jazz troubadour’s delight, as Watson-Jones gets personal sharing heartfelt narratives about and featuring the wisdom of her parents, a family friend, her beloved husband and an old college friend.

Aside from being a delightfully charming set of vocal jazz, the perfectly titled album – featuring the singer’s longtime band members Frank Wilkins (piano), Dave Zox (bass) and Alvin Terry (drums) – feels like a warm, intimate (yet often rhythmically and harmonically rousing!) evening at home with her extended family.

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