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  • Jonathan Widran

ANDRE CAVOR, "Heat Index"

A veritable musical institution in his hometown of Cleveland, saxophonist Andre Cavor got it right when he called his 2017 debut album Road Trip. Produced by hit maker and fellow saxman Darren Rahn, the collection – featuring the Billboard charting title track – established him as a versatile alto and tenor player while tapping into his passions for pop, R&B and gospel music.

It was one of those rare debut albums that made my annual Top Ten list for Jazziz magazine that year. Andre’s journey since then has been equally fascinating, including the sensual Latin flavored single “Stay With Me Tonight,” a sublime cover of “Wind Beneath My Wings” (showcasing his lush soprano vibe) and, earlier this year, a beautiful collection of “Saxophone Lullabies” that can be enjoyed by children and parents alike.

Now, even though summer is ending, Andre’s got too much energy to let cooler temps prevail. On “Heat Index,” his latest and most engaging, slyly soulful single ever, he keeps the vibes sensual and deeply funky, allowing his sax to simmer, then burn intensely as the tune builds momentum. He starts out smooth, with his breezy horn floating over an old school churchy organ harmony line, then turns up the temp with some fanciful, hotblooded horn doubling.

The most compelling part of the track finds Andre improvising wildly with the weight of all his emotional power over a punchy, repeating organ-driven riff that pulls the listener into its dramatic vortex. While most urban jazz tracks keep the flow consistent to the end and sometimes sacrifice true emotional power, Andre saves his most dynamic emoting for the unforgettable last minute of the song. Don’t flip to the next joint on your playlist until you’ve heard every last note. Keep bringing the heat, Andre! We all need your passion and love these days!


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