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  • Jonathan Widran

ANN LICATER, "Divine Skies"

In my glowing review of Ann Licater’s sixth solo album Whispers from Earth (2022), I praised the veteran award-winning multi-flutist and musical visionary for encouraging us – after a time of great collective stress and anxiety – to “stop in our tracks and just breathe as we soak in the sweet natural sounds and healing vibrations of the planet.”

On her latest, deeply inspiring and meditational piece “Divine Skies” – the lead single from her upcoming collection Between the Stars, she casts her musical heart and soul above earth to the expansive worlds above via the soothing melodic, transcendent beauty of her Native American flute and an ancient vessel flute known as the ocarina.

Over the subtle beat of a frame drum played by Ivar Lunde, Jr., Ann briefly engages its wild, echoing, bird-like calls as if letting the universe know she’s about to embark on a majestic journey full of gratitude, healing, wonder and contemplation of the divine mystery. Pairing each breath, vibration and inspired improvisational expression of notes with Lunde’s gentle synth atmosphere, Ann creates a sonic dreamscape that gives wing to our celestial imagination.

She closes the track with more dynamic ocarina calls, as if to tell those skies that her exploration of these divine skies is done for this night but will resume its cosmic flow very soon.

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