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  • Jonathan Widran


Even without the knowledge of Bob Anderson’s incredible history as a globetrotting performer and premiere impressionist of the classic voices of several golden eras of music, we can thoroughly enjoy the lively hour of concert performances presented on Bob Anderson Live! – his official debut album and “coming out” party as a brilliant world class artist in his own right.

Yet the colorful liner notes about his appearance in front of countless music and Hollywood celebs at at Merv Griffin’s 50th birthday party provides great context for the launch of Anderson’s career and the scope of his impact on fans, television and even the great singers (Frank, Dean, Sammy, Tony and many more) he made a living imitating. It’s also noteworthy that even in this generation, VH1 voted Anderson the #1 celebrity impersonator in the world.

Swinging, singing, declaring the great joys of love and breaking hearts in his own voice, he can’t help but still sound a bit like Sinatra, but as the concert (actually culled from shows in NYC, Vegas, Salt Lake City, Hollywood and Boston) continues, he puts his own trademark coolness, soul and swagger on a perfectly chosen mix of familiar standards (“You Make Me Feel So Young,” “Come Rain or Come Shine”), delightful Great American Songbook era obscurities (Victor Harris’ “Streaks of Lavender” and “Midnight at Malibu,” Rodgers & Hart’s “My Heart Stood Still”) and other gems that alternately showcase the rich intimacy of Anderson’s voice (“All I Lost Is You”) and its great emotional power (“I Did Not Know a Day I Did Not Love You”),

Hopefully, Live! is just the first of many more “introductions” to the singular vocal wonder that is Bob Anderson apart from the imitative magic he is best known for.


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