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  • Jonathan Widran

CARL BORDEN, "Good Morning Light"

Once best known for his work with 90’s Atlantic Records R&B group Men and Large, Carl Borden has been an unstoppable multi-talented Billboard charting force (composer, producer, engineer) in new age/ambient music since his Real Music debut Echoes of Bliss won silver medals for Best New Age Album and Album Production at the Global Music Awards. Subsequent releases have likewise been honored by the One World Music Awards.

For those new to the emotionally enveloping Borden experience, his latest track “Good Morning Light” is a dynamic primer on the way he weaves soft, subtle colors and textures into a melodic, easily rhythmic ambient flow. Inspired by the gentle beauty of sunlight in the morning – and the way it symbolizes a new day ripe with fresh opportunities – the soulful, dreamy and deeply relaxing piece perfectly meets our unique collective moment as we cautiously seek hope and new possibilities after an anxious and challenging time.

“Good Morning Light” is one of six individually released tracks that are part of myndstream Summer Flight collection – the first in a series of seasonal collections of tracks handpicked by the label’s Head of A&R and General Manager (and veteran two time Emmy winning artist) Michael Whalen.

Listen to "Good Morning Light" here: Spotify – Good Morning Light


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