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  • Jonathan Widran

ERIN STEVENSON, "Everything To Me"

Erin Stevenson’s straight to the point mission statement at the end of her website bio tells us all we need to know about the ultra-sultry, delightfully soulful and emotionally heart-piercing singer/songwriter, whose star has been on the rise as an urban jazz solo artist since dropping her debut album Naked in 2018: “I just want to sing, sing about something that matters and have fun while doing it. Here goes everything…your Smooth Soulful Songstress.”

Erin brings to her solo career a compelling back story which offers the perfect metaphor for her gentle and intimate, then soaring vocals on her stunning, super-romantic single “Everything to Me,” which marks her debut on Innervision Records. One day while working for NASA, she walked into her boss’ office and, seeking a more purposeful existence, told her boss to fire her. The next day she was asked to tour with Janet Jackson, and this led to an incredible new career opening or background singing for everyone from Justin Timberlake and J Lo to Camilla Cabello, Nicki Minaj and Stevie Wonder.

It was only a matter of time before a talent this powerful would find her ultimate expression as an artist. If for some reason you haven’t heard her previous singles, “Everything To Me” is the perfect introduction to all the sensual magic and emotional resonance Erin brings to the party. She weaves her spell with intimacy and breathy sublety, drawing us in to her sexy narrative (with some lush harmonic assistance from saxophonist Keith McKelley) slowly before regaling us with the fullness of her passion and impressive vocal range. A few listens, and you’ll be making Erin’s music everything to you too!


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