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  • Jonathan Widran

GIADORA, "One Last Thing"

On “One Last Thing,” Giadora’s latest and most compelling track to date, the L.A. based alt pop/soul singer/songwriter builds thematically and vibe wise on her two earlier seductive hipster singles “Twisted” and “Naïve.”

Already a master at creating sultry, hypnotic musical moods and painting bold, intimate narratives about vulnerable places in the soul, she uses the dreamy flow of a quickening acoustic guitar harmony, swirling atmospheres and laid-back beats to slowly, steadily invite us into a mercurial emotional realm we’ve all dwelled in – even if it’s against out better judgement.

Rendered tenderly but with insightful purpose, buoyed by a blunt, no holds barred honesty, Giadora illuminates that place between “break-up” and “gone for good,” that fragile place where we can only let go if we make that one final attempt to confirm that decision to move on. Building suspense with an about to burst synth wash and the pre-chorus lines “I’m stumbling down the road to your bed/Knowing I should be in mine instead,” Giadora shines a light on that place of awakening where her head tells her “nothing ever changes my mind,” ultimately – but not without pain – overruling her heart that says “this feels like everything/So you can just let me dream.”

The singer further illuminates her dilemma in the third verse, where she admits, “I know I’m intoxicated/But this is so overrated/I’m blocking your name in a second/If you can’t give me a reason.” Dedicated to the “brave ones who know how raw and vulnerable heartbreak really is,” “One Last Thing” is a realistic love song that may inspire young women caught in that same situation to courageously move on, while allowing them to forgive themselves for that one last indulgence their weary hearts tell them they must add to their collection of bittersweet memories.

Listen to "One Last Thing" here:

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