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  • Jonathan Widran

KEITH ANDREW ft. Bob James, "Now's The Time"

The titles of guitarist Keith Andrew’s previous two Innervision albums – Adventurous Soul (2014) and Soul Expedition (2020) – tell us everything we need to know about the fascinating combination of spiritual vision, intense grooving and freewheeling excitement and energy he brings to the genre.

Keeping in line with this mission to soar funkily ever skyward, the well-traveled hiker and mountain climber reminds us, during this anxious era, that there’s no moment like the present to start living our fullest life on his exuberant new single “Now’s The Time.”

Bouncy and buoyant from the get go, the track showcases Andrew’s crisp, lively and melodically inventive guitar lines riding over the simmering groove with old school keyboard harmonies. The track would be compelling with those infectious charms alone, but really kicks into gear when the sizzling horns pop in along with the legendary Bob James’ inimitable, instantly recognizable keyboard magic. Andrew and the Fourplay great create a dynamic dancing duality that rolls like an effortlessly flowing conversation, with James riffing off the fiery guitar hook.

The keyboardist then takes off to create a wild solo section that includes a second compelling hook before they resume the dashing duality. Andrew has worked wonders in the past vibing with fellow guitarist Nils and it’s great to see him creating new sonic adventures with chart-topping legends. “Now’s the Time” is pretty much the perfect infectious urban jazz track – and a powerful and optimistic motivator to help us through tough times.


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