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  • Jonathan Widran

LARS TAYLOR, "Carioca"

Since dropping his debut single “Smile” in 2019, multi-faceted Swiss born guitarist Lars Taylor has been a prolific, non-stop presence in contemporary jazz, alternately sharing his acoustic and electric passions on a total of 10 other singles (including some that snagged significant airplay on SiriusXM’s Watercolors) and the more intimate and personal (not to mention absolutely beautiful) full length debut Poetry In Motion (Cinematic Solo Works).

Taylor’s always compelling sense of jazzy (and sometimes exotic) high adventure continues on the snappy, festive and highly danceable tropical jam “Carioca,” whose title refers to anything related to the city of Rio de Janeiro.

At a time when cover art is less appreciated because of streaming, the colorful illustration of an acoustic guitarist jamming on a sunswept beach with an island dancer and a muscular dude banging on a single drum says it all about the feel-good energy of the track. The tune starts with plucky acoustic strains before Charles Berthoud's buoyant electric bass and the percussion kick in and Taylor starts crackling on the electric as the tight, funky grooves sweeps the listener away.

Despite the impressive electric vibes and the nonstop flow of fiery rhythms, the sonic heart and soul of “Carioca” is Taylor’s vibrant, creative and plucky acoustic guitar melody and improvisational flair. Summer may be officially over but its carefree sun-splashed excitement is ever-present on this latest gift from the guitarist – one of Taylor’s best-ever tunes that offers a joyful invitation to a realm where the fun never stops!

Listen to "Carioca" here:


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