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  • Jonathan Widran

LARS TAYLOR & LOVE GALAXY, "Sound of Freedom"

In my write up on Swiss guitarist Lars Taylor’s funky, rockin’ 2023 single “Electric Night,” I mentioned the fact that since launching his recording career in 2019, his “trademark is creating fascinating tracks that evolve from one vibe to another.” True to form, he capped 2023 with “Carioca,” a spirited tropical flavored romp whose title refers to Rio. Now, he’s delightfully shifting gears again, easing from guitar driven urban jazz to a spirited synth-pop vibe with a guest UK vocalist under the moniker Lars Taylor & Love Galaxy.

A powerful, infectious showcase for his expansive production and keyboard skills, “Sound of Freedom” - his first single under this banner – begins with a brief solo piano intro before reeling us in with the tune’s oft repeated hypnotic instrumental synth and beat intensive instrumental hook. Enter the smooth lead singer, using the pseudonym Jax June, who shares a positive, liberating sense of healing and the feeling that things can only get better.


After another iteration of the motif, the chorus bursts forth energetically with “I’m on my way/Listen to the sound of freedom. . .Feeling close to revelation” as Taylors’ synth atmospheres swirl around the voice like a majestic caress. When “Jax June” then sings about paving the way to new adventures, and that he’s never had this feeling (over more infectious beats), it’s almost as if Taylor is sharing his own sense of creative freedom in creating this new pop-driven path for himself.


Even without the insightful message about taking risks and living with a new perspective, “Sound of Freedom” is a unique musical triumph that’s very different from what we’ve heard Taylor do these past few years. He plans to release more pop songs he’s written these past few years under the Love Galaxy concept with male and female singers in the near future. Those will be the perfect complement to the long list of airplay successes he’s had since releasing “Sweet Onion” in 2019.  

The track was mastered by Randy Merrill (Taylor Swift, Harry Styles) at Sterling Sound.

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