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  • Jonathan Widran

LISA ADDEO, "What Cha' Know About That"

It was a different 2020 – and a very different world – when bang, zoom out of the box, the title track from funky Smooth Jazz pianist/vocalist Lisa Addeo's album Listen To This became the first new song of the year to reach #1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz chart. Now it’s spring and high time for a grooving new perspective.

The new normal is strange but the weather is warmer, the flowers are blooming and, with her buoyant, effervescent new single “What Cha Know About That,” Lisa’s all about providing a soundtrack to that vibe – and a fun, infectious reminder of all the good things life should and can be. Building from a seductive light funk groove, the track – penned by Lisa and guitarist Nils, who produced her album – is driven by Lisa’s high spirited, melodic ivory sparkle, the musical equivalent of those one million bubbles that are said to form in a single glass of champagne.

As she graces/tickles those higher register keys, lightly at first and more emotionally each time the engaging chorus hits, those sonic bubbles tickle the ears like champagne tickles your nose. That’s a whole lot of tickling going on, and a great deal of zesty, uplifting happy Aretha Franklin styled soul/funk - and the more of that, the better these days.

Lisa’s got a colorful story about how the title “What Cha’ Know About That” came to her like a gift from the universe when she was out for a vigorous stair-climb in Santa Monica. But what matters more is that every time we hear it and dance along, we’ll be shouting those words in wondrous response.

The album also includes a version with Lisa showcasing her formidable scatting skills. Check out both versions here:


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