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  • Jonathan Widran

ONA K, Full, New, Luna

It’s not every female singer who can blend her fascination with the feminine energy of the moon, sultry and soulful, beautifully orchestrated songs in songs in her native Spanish, passionate self-empowerment anthems and artful re-imaginings of Soundgarden and Louis Armstrong classics in one enrapturing album.

Welcome to the enchanting, romantic and often psychologically deep and intriguing world of Ona K, a Barcelona born, Miami based musical citizen of the world who brings those eclectic elements together quite masterfully on her jazz, pop, neo-soul and Latin music influenced second album Full, New, Luna.

While the moon has long been an inspirational muse for contemplative artists, Ona’s swaying dance under its light comes from a place of connection with our life cycles and he belief that women are better at finding power in vulnerability. Leading up to the early 2024 release of the full collection, Ona dropped a total of five digital lead singles, starting with the dreamy, hypnotic ultra-sensual Spanish language title track, which was a way of introducing her native culture and assert her pride as a migrant to America.

The second single, the easy grooving, urban jazz meets classical flavored  “Let It Be A Whisper,” is one of two cathartic tracks (the funked-up, scat-filled “Little Beast” being the other) where she shares the most vulnerable parts of her life – overcoming the PTSD she suffered due to both childhood and adult abuse, and working on quieting the doubtful demons in our mind which undermine our self-confidence. No doubt most listeners will focus on these emphatic statements and also latch on to her gorgeous Spanish vocals on tunes like “Mas Que Un Ave Pasajera” and “Letras a Mi Nombre.”

Her closing piece, a lush, mystical spin through “What a Wonderful World” is equally delightful. Yet Ona saves her most powerful, soul-stirring and soaring vocal prowess for a haunting, impassioned run through of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” that will leave even the most skeptical listener breathless.       


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