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  • Jonathan Widran

SAMIR BODHI PRESENTS “Anxiety’s Shadows” featuring Shannon K and Nathalie Bonin

Building off of millions of views for videos of her most popular hits over the past eight years, Indian pop sensation Shannon K strikes up a fascinating and sonically intoxicating new collaboration, working with Samir Bodhi, a rising force in Indian classical/new age global fusion, on her infectious new world pop/electronica song “Anxiety’s Shadows.”  

Written by Bodhi and produced by Bodhi and Partha Paul, the track features Shannon’s trademark sensual, ethereal vocals wafting gracefully over an atmospheric, easy grooving dreamscape full of Shaun Drew’s lush, frequently tension filled string arrangement, surrounded at times by the soulful, intricately played yet free flowing harmonies of Sandip Chatterjee on the Indian string instrument santoor. After the soaring second chorus, another brilliant instrumental voice breezes in – the soaring, emotionally charged violin of Grammy winning Canadian artist Nathalie Bonin.

Combined with deeper percussion textures, more expansive strings and Shannon’s increasingly powerful vocals, the song becomes a wonderfully exotic power ballad. The power of the music is necessary to both drive and underscore the hard-hitting message behind Bodhi’s narrative about a GenZ girl’s search for meaning and longing for freedom in a world full of great fear and difficult challenges.

Though she is often consumed by the titular “Anxiety’s Shadows,” by the end Shannon conveys that “she’ll be alright, she’ll stand tall, her future’s bright,” hopeful she’ll emerge like a warrior with a great story to tell and inspire others.  

Listen to the song here:


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