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  • Jonathan Widran

TIFFANY BYNOE, "Christmas With You"

Stylistically, songwriter and vocalist extraordinaire Tiffany Bynoe’s done it all - from her early gospel success with Seasons through her recent foray into contemporary urban jazz with producer Darren Rahn and guitarist Tim Bowman on her latest single “Closer & Closer.”

Hitting our hearts with an irrepressible burst of musical joy just when we need the uplift, cheer and optimism most, her vibrant, soulfully infectious holiday jam “Christmas With You” – written by Tiffany with her husband and producer Kyle Bynoe - is pure pop fun with melodic, rhythmic and vocal touches of all these styles and more. There’s something truly magical about a Christmas song that begins with the happy, innocent voices of children, and those we hear at the start of the track are those of the Bynoes’ grandchildren.

After name-checking them all and informing them (over chiming bells) that Santa Claus is coming to town, she gets right into the happy flow featuring playful interaction between her powerful lead vocals and picture perfect harmony voice. While telling us that “Christmas is my favorite time of year” and “There ain’t nothing I’d rather do/Than spending Christmas with you,” Tiffany’s ultimate aim goes beyond simple romantic expressions. In a single, instant singalong kind of tune, she wants to remind us of the importance of multi-generational love and family, wrapped in a sweet nostalgic glow.

Celebrating and passings on cherished traditions to the next generations, and watching the children on Santa’s knee, she just can’t help comparing the kids’ experiences to her own: “I just can’t help, they remind me of me.” With a wild up-tempo energy and inspiring message, it’s the perfect song for Christmas 2021 – and one you should add quickly to your holiday party playlists!

Listen to "Christmas With You " here:


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