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CHRIS PASIN, Ornettiquette

October 26, 2018

Three years after the passing of Ornette Coleman, veteran trumpeter Chris Pasin gathers a deeply committed and inspired sextet to pay homage to the unique synergy shared by the legendary free jazz saxophonist’s greatest and trumpet great Don Cherry throughout the late 50’s and early 60s’ and even into subsequent decades.


Considering that “free jazz” is generally defined as an improvised style of jazz characterized by the absence of set chord or time patterns, the expansive arrangements of six Coleman classics – cleverly bookended by two Colemanesque Pasin originals – are remarkably tuneful, at least before the wild esoteric, boomy and roomy solos rush in. Coleman and Cherry fans might expect sizzling chemistry between and solos by Pasin and saxophonist Adam Siegel, but Karl Berger’s buoyant vibraphone features create some of the collection’s most compelling moments.


While not the most accessible tune, the most creative hands down is the haunting, slightly atonal “Lonely Woman,” which includes the added dimension of vocalist Ingrid Sertso’s breathy vocals singing impassioned lyrics inspired by the original instrumental.

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