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  • Jonathan Widran


In the parlance of a romantic fantasy TV show that has become a pop culture staple, multiple award-winning new age composer/musician David Wahler whispers to our spirit on his soul-electrifying yet gently lilting and gracefully soothing new album and asks, “Will you accept this rose?”

Not just any rose, but a Blue Rose, whose multi-faceted symbolism (derived from numerous cultures) includes sensations of mystery, rarity, romanticism, new beginnings, tranquility, peace and serenity. And also at its core, the blue rose – which does not naturally grow on earth – reflects the impossible, even the mysteries of the realms beyond physical death. Beyond the seamless, intricately detailed and arranged melodic and harmonic flow of the music from the dreamy, classically flavored opening waltz “Once Upon Another Time” through the surreal, hypnotic piano motif of the final song following the peripatetic flight of a “Little Sparrow,” Wahler taps into much deeper issues than simply creating more elegant, ethereal music for his wonderful discography.

He’s sharing an thoughtful and emphatic healing response to a very closer brush with mortality through a four-year cancer battle whose outlook was so bleak he was put in hospice care in January 2023. Fortunately, a new drug protocol led to a miraculous recovery – and so a survival that seemed impossible (symbolized by the Blue Rose) opened the door to more earthly time and a fresh outburst of musical creativity and, by extension, encouragement and fresh perspective to those of us going through our own travails. Some of the pieces are very personal, like “Bernadette’s Dream," whose soft- spoken piano and electronic ornamentation infectiousness reflects his awe at his six-year-old grandniece’s recovery from eye cancer.

Others are universal expressions of spiritual truth, like the heartfelt and mournful, string and cello enhanced “Il Addio – The Farewell” (a sweetly subtle reminder that goodbyes are an inevitable part of the journey) and the softly mesmerizing “Just a Thought” touch on the idea that we are truly what we think.

After the title track, Wahler boldly showcases his mastery of intricate ensemble instrumentation, enhancing the moods on the mystical gems “Red,” “Dark Eyes” and “Come” (an invitation to a sneak peak at the astral plane) with grand touches of violin, violin pizzicato, harp, cello, strings and ethereal wordless voices. Now that Wahler has celebrated the impossible and we’ve accepted his Blue Rose, here’s to many more years of recovery, wellness and the joy of music!       


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