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  • Jonathan Widran


The soulful breezily flowing grooves, sassy and sensual female vocals and overall loungey dreaminess of the seven exquisitely inviting tracks (and two radio edits) on Gorilla Apocalypse’s dazzlingly cool debut EP Blow Your Mind is a bit easier to take in than the unusual names associated with the project. Beyond the name of the group that might have people thinking more primal, edgy rock energy than jazzy liquid soul, the music is driven by the sparkling fusion of singer/songwriter IZ.M.B., producer Grizz La Flare and lyricist Gary “GB” Bernard. The three joined forces when their label, Blue Collar Records, was formed in Philly in 2021.

Each brings a unique creative track record to the fresh “Chemistry” they create – which by the way is one of two true love ballads on the album, and a sparkling gush of candlelit tenderness at that. IZ.M.B, a music production and sound engineering student, plays guitar, bass, mandolin and piano. Based in Jersey, artist/producer Grizz has managed a studio in L.A. and created beats in Woodstock, NY, working with the likes of LosDaSavage, Zelly Ocho, and Matt Ox.

And besides being a clever poet and wordsmith, “GB” is a visual artist, business owner and manager at Blue Collar, creating artwork and lyrics for many projects. Even if the trio’s names are a tad challenging to recall off the tongue, their music is sweet, delightful and eminently playful, from the sexy, percussive old school pop/R&B romp “Tornado” through the ethereal seductive (and whimsically optimistic) “Love Lives On.”

Though others are in the running, probably the most infectious, compelling and meaningful track is the hypnotic synth and crunch groove driven “Queen of the Andes,” which finds IZ.M.B. delivering a fizzy, 80’ flavored female empowerment anthem. Another personal favorite, extending the theme of the independent woman, is the trippy, sonically intricate hip-hop jam “Don’t Come Back Here No More.” The other romantic ballad is the liquid soul immersion “Rain,” whose whispery vocal delicateness may remind listeners of Billie Eilish. If the Gorilla Apocalypse is upon us, the world will end in a glorious burst of mad coolness.


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