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  • Jonathan Widran

MICHAEL PELOSO, Life's Little Accidents

As a fan of classic pop/rock, you’ve gotta love an emerging, multi-faceted songwriter producer like Michael Peloso, who not only credits Tom Waits as the composer of his favorite song of all time (“I Hope I Don’t Fall in Love With You”) but has the infectious adult contemporary pop driven courage to say that the song that changed his life as a kid was REO Speedwagon’s “Keep on Loving You.”

Legends like Waits and Kevin Cronin – along with anyone else passionate about the art of thoughtful and provocative, emotional pop songwriting – will vibe instantly with Peloso’s powerhouse, stylistically eclectic debut Life’s Little Accidents. He created it as a showcase for his engaging and impactful songwriting but which also puts his powerful guitarisma and Quincy Jones-like epic scale arranging and production skills (along with those of his studio partner Matthew Shell) on grand display.

Though released under Peloso’s name, the 10 track set’s mix of lively pop, rock and soul grooves and heartfelt acoustic ballads is a truly masterful collaborative effort, thriving on the lead vocals of a variety of top indie vocalists whose names will surely be better known after contributing to this dynamic project. These include Peloso’s longtime friends Marisa Frantz (whose gossamer voice graces the haunting ballads “Maybe Someday” and “Fly Away”), Natalie Jean (the reflective, mid-tempo pop/rocker “Rear View”) and chart-topping new age artist Juliet Lyons, whose soulful, sensitive and impassioned voice on the acoustic ballad “Shed My Skin” illuminates his triumphant story of successfully battling Stage 4 colon cancer and longing for nothing more than becoming a renewed version of his old self.

If you love great rock and R&B inflected pop, soul-stirring lyrics and incredible production values – and want to put some must-hear artists on your radar, do yourself a favor and check out Life’s Little Accidents.

Listen to Life's Little Accidents here:


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