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  • Jonathan Widran

ANAYA MUSIC: How a Woman With a Post-Doctorate in Technology Became An International New Age Icon

A timeless composer and ethereal vocalist passionate about elevating the human spirit through the power of music and universal vibration, Brazilian recording artist Anaya Music has, since launching her recording career in 1998, captured the soothing yet spiritually and emotionally energizing essence of the music of her native country via a dynamic synthesis of orchestral new age, electronic and melodic trance influences and textures. Her expansive, globally distributed body of work as a composer, artist and producer includes 39 albums, 13 singles, five musicals, a soundtrack for Luminescence films, three songbooks and a DVD.

Over the past few years, the multi-faceted artist (whose birth name is Tania Mara Botelho) has also emerged as a powerhouse force in filmmaking with dynamic high concept videos (41 and counting) that have earned her more than 135 international accolades including three Best Music Video Awards in 2021 (for “Immortal,” “Twilight” and “Infinite Love”) from the Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles, which has also nominated her for Artist of the Year (2021) and the prestigious Outstanding Legacy Award for 2022. Overall, she has earned 157 collective awards for her videos, albums and as an artist.

Anaya Music has been on an inspiring roll for her multitude of audio and video releases since 2017, also earning accolades from the IndieMusicChannel, Clouzine Interational Music Awards, Royal Wolf Film Awards (U.S.), Red Movie Awards (France) and London Music Video Festival and other festivals and organizations in the U.S., Canada, UK, Italy, Greece, Japan, India, Sweden and Bhutan, Himalayas, etc. for the high impact, visually compelling clips she creates with producer Marcio Dias. 90 of these awards are from major film festivals across the globe.

Keeping the creative momentum and innovation flowing, Anaya Music started 2022 with the early spring release of the full length album Ascension, The artist describes the project as “the need for people in the world to not be so attached to impermanent situations but to focus instead on their own souls to elevate their frequencies to embrace a spirit of unconditional love.”

Anaya Music and her longtime producer and sound designer Pedro Tavarez record all her music in 432hz, a frequency that aligns with the heart chakra and is used to bring quietness and calmness. They record using Tec Immersion 360 degrees. It’s a format that gives music creators more space to work, allowing them to explore content by looking and listening in any direction.

Also in 2022, Anaya Music released “Amazon: A Healing Forest,” her powerful short film about a fascinating adventure her late father had in the Amazon Rain Forest. He was a military pilot whose plane had an operational accident and had to land quickly in the middle of the forest. He and his team were lost for 15 days by a river and he caught malaria. The story told is one of survival and how the elements of the Forest come to heal him. In April 2022, it won several accolades at the Hollywood Golden Awards, including Honorable Mentions for Original Song and Sound Design (given to Anaya Music and Pedro Tavares).

Anaya Music followed an incredibly prolific 2020 with an equally spectacular slate of albums and videos in 2021. Released in March, her uplifting and transcendent collection Rising Sun hit the Top Ten on the OneWorldMusicRadio chart and the Top 40 charts NYC. Emerging into the world during the anxious time of the pandemic, the singer viewed this album as “reflecting a unique encounter with a Divine being; cultivating the Beauty at the highest level of spiritual qualities and expanding the sunlight as a messenger of greater love of the Whole and in the universe. After chaos on Earth, there will be a Rising Sun of a new humanity.”

Anaya Music then released the progressive electronic album Overpop2021 (a re-issue with new arrangements) and the 13 movement concept album Selfmusic, whose subtitle is Meeting Your Inner Peace. Her critically acclaimed 2020 album Zenezy also hit #7 on the OneWorldMusicRadio chart. As with all of her sonic masterworks over the past decade, these projects were produced by and feature the intricate visionary sound design of Tavarez. Rising Sun also features the guitar of Sami Turunen and Matthew Shell.

The singer and filmmaker’s film and video output was equally impactful. Her haunting clip for “Twilight,” which features an array of images contrasting nature’s intense darkness and warm, inviting light, won, among other awards, Best Music Video, Best Director and Best Original Music Score at the Royal Wolf Film Awards in the U.S., Best Mystery Music Video at the Silk Road Film Awards in Cannes, France and was a finalist at the Munich Music Video Awards and the Red Dragon Creative Awards in Dallas, TX. “Twilight” also earned awards for Exceptional Achievement for Best Composer, Best Mystery Film, Best Producer and Best Music Video at the Multi-Dimension Independent Film Festival in London. “Twilight” also won a Best Woman Empowerment award at the Palm Springs Shorts in Palm Springs, CA.

Anaya Music’s “Love” (2021) was a Best Music Video winner at ten international film festivals, including the Berlin Short Awards, Beyond the Curve in Paris, Hollywood International Golden Age Film Fest, the Vienna Short Film Festival and the Rome Music Video Awards. The video is about the new world of Dharma, free of guilt, suffering and death – and understanding transcendence and Ascension to overcome death.

Another of Anaya Music and Marcio Dias’ stunning achievements in 2021 was her historical themed video “Cabral,” which was created in honor of her great-great maternal grandfather, Francisco da Veiga Cabral, who became one of the greatest heroes in the Northern Brazilian state of Amapá for expelling the French and defending Brazil from an invasion of greed for gold and other resources in 1895. At Beyond the Curve in Paris, the short film won Outstanding Achievement and Best Original Music, and was a finalist for Best Music Video and Best Director. “Cabral” also won Best Music Video at the Berlin Shorts Awards.

“An award for me means the accomplishment, realization, a taste of joy and a way of disseminating our music with an infinite gratitude for that,” says Anaya Music. “I feel a deep appreciation now for what I am creating and producing. I am a composer of soulfulness and I can feel a deep sense of beauty when I am creating. We need to be humans full of love in order to ascend new dimensions of existence, and music for me is the gateway, opening millions of new possibilities. It’s transcendence to the infinite, a gateway that will bring us new energies of awareness and illumination, helping us to see the world in a broader perspective as humanity and planetary life.”

Three of Anaya Music’s most critically acclaimed, charting and award winning albums of the late 2010s are Eternity (2016), Aonki: Gateway of Love (2018) and Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey (2019). Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey received the Global Music Awards’ Best New Age Album and Outstanding Achievement Award, and earned Best Ambient Instrumental Album honors and the Executive Awards from the Akademia MusicAwards 2019. It has been in the Top 10, Top 20 and Top 100 on the ZMR chart and OneWorldMusic Radio, and appears on the Sounds from the Circle XI and XII compilations from Newage Music Circle.

Achieving her childhood dream of playing alongside a live symphony orchestra, Eternity featured a virtual collaboration and real time recording in cyberspace between the artist’s label AnayaMusic in Brazil, a live symphony orchestra in Prague, and Steve Salani at Studios in Los Angeles. In addition to the collection’s nomination for Best Neo-Classical Album at the 2016 ZMR Awards, its tracks “Dharma” and “Love’s River” received accolades from the Global Music Awards; “Dharma” won for Best Composition, while “Love’s River” earned her the Outstanding Achievement Award.

Eternity reached great heights on a variety of new age charts, including reaching #13 on iTunes’ iTop Chart and #1 on OneWorldMusic, NumberOneMusic and ReverbNation. The album also hit the Top Ten on several sites, including ZMR, and scored over 2.5M downloads via Song Alethea. In addition, the tracks “Song Skies” and “Dharma” have earned approximately one million views on Facebook, and Pandora’s Anaya Music station has increased its listenership significantly.

Aonki: Gateway of Love, her similarly orchestrated “cosmic new age music” collection, won both Clouzine’s Best New Age Album Award and the Global Music Awards’ Best New Age Music Album and Outstanding Achievement Award for the single “Laman Song.” The album was also included in a Huffington Post feature article titled "Heartful of Love.” Anaya has also been honored as Best Female New Age Artist by IndieMusicChannel TV in Los Angeles.

When she’s composing, Anaya Music calls on her spiritual side, and "retires" from this world to enter a realm of musical vibration, starting with a 32-minute meditation session. Yet when production begins, she draws on her tech background as a Digital Information Specialist, analyzing the most effective sounds to convey her provocative spiritual concepts. Reflecting on her personal inspiration and creative process, Anaya says, “I make music to fulfill a collective yearning shared by humanity for harmony, unity and balance. The magic of music and the profound feelings of love are a divine instrument of perfection to give re-birth to our soul. Music is the sound of Light. Our best instrument is the universal harmony of being.”

The niece of the famous maestro Meneleu Campos, Anaya Music’s relationship with music began at age eight. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist from the start, her musical studies began with piano and guitar at the Carlos Gomes Conservatory of Music in Pará and vocal performance at the Musimed school in Brasilia. She also studied piano under maestro Waldemar Henriques and music theory and harmony under Wilma Graca while working with various guitar teachers. She immersed herself into vocal studies by exploring the music of diverse composers such as Puccini, Bizet, Haendel, Donizete, Mozart, Gershwin, Saint-Saëns, Villa Lobos, Verdi and many others. As a young opera singer, Anaya was closely supervised by maestro Hermelino Castelo Branco, in addition to working with several other teachers. She participated in many festivals, performed with Gonzaguinha and Ivan Lins, and is still influenced by Tom Jobim and Schubert to this day.

Anaya Music’s devotion to creating meditation and relaxation music connects powerful for her work over the years in the healing arts, where she has used many types of therapies – ranging from those related to the physical body to those related to the more subtle and spiritual aspects of being and consciousness. AnayaMusic currently plays in the Healing Health Care system in more than 1000 hospitals in the US and abroad; there are approximately 80 artists in this system.

Coming from a family that practiced Kardec Spiritism, Anaya Music first had contact with the more subtle energies of the Universe through her paternal grandmother, Izabel Romano. She was introduced at a young age to Hinduism, Zen Buddhism and Yoga, which she still practices today.

Anaya Music later researched the life and work of Jiddu Krishnamurti and began immersing in studies of various empowering spiritual and healing disciplines – including esoteric astrology, tarot, I Ching, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, Shiatsu, martial arts, holotropic therapy and the Kabbalah. She has also delved extensively into alchemy psychology, Temple archaeology, the Silva Mind Control Method, cosmogenesis, anthropogenesis, rays of light, arithmosophy, dowsing, applied kinesiology, Chinese medicine, Feng Shui and quantum physics.

Anaya Music completed the three-year Creating Holistic Foundations program at the Holistic University at Unipaz in Brasília. To enrich her research with real life experiences, Anaya made several pilgrimages to be with sages in her country and abroad. She has visited historical temples and sat at the feet of the medium Chico Xavier, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Edelarziu, Thomas Green Northon, professor Jobenil, Efigênia, medium Valentim, Amir Amiden, Trigueirinho and other spiritual leaders. Anaya Music also visited historical temples to add depth to her spiritual experiences and understanding.

As a Reiki master, Anaya Music has trained many therapists over the years, besides having years of experience seeing private clients. She has also served as a consultant in harmonizing residential, business, and personal environments, with emphasis on the millennial art of Feng Shui. She has taught personal training in anti-stress workshops and lectures. Anaya has also performed distance healing with her hands, metals, and crystals, participated in philosophical groups of thought, done speeches and offered collective therapy, and developed studies regarding self-knowledge and broadening consciousness. Dedicating herself to the field of alternative therapy related to integrating the physical body to the spiritual body, she has published two books, “Reiki; Spiritual Energy of the Universe” and “Paths of Life.”

In addition to traveling the world as a performer of Brazilian pop music, Anaya Music is a multi-talented professional who has worked for the University of Brazil and the United Nations as an Information Systems Specialist. She artfully weaves her expertise in computer science with a deep understanding of universal spirituality to create a powerful union between technology and the senses that is at the heart of her work in both realms. During her undergraduate studies, Anaya performed at Brazilian radio and TV stations, playing piano and guitar and she also performed at the Teatro da Paz in Belém, Pará.

Anaya Music has undergraduate degrees in Library Science, Drama Arts, Computers, and International Relations. She has a master's degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, a doctorate degree from Loughborough University of Technology in England, and a post doctorate degree in Information Systems from Syracuse University in the United States. She dedicated over 30 years to academia and research as a university professor, international conference speaker and developer of executive management activities in Brazilian public and private sectors.

In her home town of Brasília, she implemented a doctorate program and coordinated a post doctorate program, both in Information Systems. She was president of innumerable examination boards for masters and doctorate degree programs, as well as for civil service examinations and professor promotions.

Anaya Music has also participated in faculty and career commissions and served on boards at the university, in local government, and in trade and union associations related to computer science, such as Sucesu (Brazilian Association of Computer and Telecommunication Users) and Assespro (Association of Brazilian Companies for Technology, Software, and Internet). Anaya has published over 70 scientific articles and 10 books in Brazil and abroad.

Internationally, Anaya Music has worked as a specialist in international organizations such as the ILO, UNESCO, FAO, FID, IFLA, among others. She was also senior researcher for CAPES, CNPq (National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development), and the Ministry of Science and Technology in Brazil, where she also participated in scientific commissions. She was given scientific awards by the Fulbright Commission for her work as a researcher. Anaya has contributed greatly toward the advancement of research regarding leadership that uses an approach based on the theory of consciousness.

In April 2022, Anaya Music released Forever, the first of two compilations of remastered versions of older material that is no longer available on CD and not otherwise available for streaming. In addition to Forever New Age, Vol. II, Anaya Music's upcoming releases include the full length album Quietness. Reflecting her true nature as an introvert, she was inspired to compose the music for Quietness from spending a peaceful time at a hotel on Lake Paranoa, an tranquil artificial lake in Brasilia.


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