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  • Jonathan Widran


In my comprehensive review of Liquid Mind: Musical Healthare, a compilation of the some of the more recent representative recordings in the musical relaxation/meditation series, I went into great detail about the hows, whys and origin story of the globally popular, spiritually and emotionally impactful brand launched by keyboardist Chuck Wild in 1994. Even as I reflected on the way he began composing this type of ambient music as a coping response to his struggle with panic attacks in the mid-80s, one important element was left out: his classic quote that cleverly captures what evolved into his musical mission in a nutshell.

“The ultimate compliment to me is that people fall asleep to my music,” he says. “Liquid Mind is functional music, assisting us to be tranquil at those times when that may not be easy.” This quote is unique on several levels, first of course the irony of an artist relishing the idea that his music puts people to sleep, and second, that he sees it as purely functional, like the musical equivalent of a sleeping pill. While respecting the artist’s intentions, all of us who have been impacted by the music Wild has created, can speak with gratitude of its multitude of effects that transcend mere shifts in brainwave patterns.

As the hundreds of thousands of listeners his music has helped since Wild released the first Liquid Mind project Ambience Minimus nearly 30 years ago might attest, his music has the ability to transcend our calming brainwaves and also touch the heart and elevate the soul. With each new project – with the exception of his handful of compilations – he offers one or two word titles that remind us of some of the most important aspects of living a healthy life mind, body and soul – things like Balance, Unity, Serenity, Spirit, Reflection, Sleep, Meditation, Deep Sleep, Mindfulness, and now, on his latest immersive, seven track, 63 minute venture, Simplicity.

Of all of Wild’s thematic suggestions, Simplicity is perhaps the thing we least think about as we seek personal peace of mind in a chaotic unpredictable world. As we listen, from the lush, uplifting moods and ambiences of the nearly 11 minute “Transcendence” through the soft, gentle and moisture laden nuances of “A Gentle Rain in My Soul” (a callback to Liquid Mind’s 2014 “Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes” collection), we should allow ourselves to drift off while thinking about what “simplicity” means to us personally and universally.

Perhaps in the stillness of our souls, the calming of our spirits and yes, the slowing of our brainwaves, the Liquid Mind pieces will facilitate illumination and meaningful answers to questions we rarely have time to reflect on during our daily hustle and bustle: How can I simplify? How can I reduce the clutter of stuff I don’t need and toxic relationships I no longer want? How much do I really need to make me happy” Wild’s ultimate goal with his lush, crystalline Liquid Mind energies may be to get us off to slumber, but it’s just possible the journey to that can be filled with love, light and breakthroughs that can enhance, and maybe even save, our lives.

On Simplicity, Wild provides some thought provoking signposts to help us make even greater sense of the journey. He wants us to know, as if we might not already, that he creates all this music “From My Heart To Yours,” truly sharing the gifts that helped him so that all can benefit. One of the open doors to getting a deeper understanding of how simplicity can change our lives and shift our consciousness is getting in touch with “The Child In Me,” an innocence the mystical, lyrical and lighthearted flow of the music speaks to.

The composer also includes a reminder of the importance of living “In the Moment” – and just so we don’t get too caught up in our own heads and lives, offers a universal, prayer like meditation with “Hymn For Peace.” Clearly, the road to the elusive “peace on earth” begins with the peace in each and every heart and mind – and nobody in the musical realm helps us center on this goal than Liquid Mind. Of course, as with all other classics in the series, you are free to overlook the titles, not read so deeply into words, themes and intentions, just put it on for its hour-long duration, release the stress of the day and hope sleep comes as quickly as possible. That’s the magic of Liquid Mind. There’s no single way to feel and connect with the music and be transformed by the experience.


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