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  • Jonathan Widran


In addition to being one new age music’s true superstars with a discography extending back to the mid-90s, Michael Whalen is a two time Emmy winning composer and music supervisor whose musical innovations have been tapped by the worlds of advertising, TV, film and video games.

He is also the Head of A&R and General Manager of the myndstream label – and the creator of a unique new series of seasonal collections featuring his handpicked selections, starting with Summer Flight.

Inspired by the overwhelming commercial and critical acclaim he received for his 2020 album Sacred Spaces, Whalen enters fresh, bold and revolutionary new sonic territory on his perfectly titled single “Phonic,” fashioning a whole new musical vocabulary that artfully and dynamically fuses otherworldly voices and chants, spacey and ever-intensifying electronic ambience/synth wash with sparkling guitar vibes and ever-shifting electro-percussion energies.

While the quick tempo changes and fast swirling melodic and harmonic textures make it seem experimental at times, the track overall feels like it has a narrative flow truly reflective of Whalen’s genius for film, TV and game scoring. After nearly 30 years of artistry, it’s exciting to realize via the creatively freewheeling “Phonic” that his wildest adventures may still be to come.

Listen to "Phonic" here: Spotify – Phonic


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